Meet the alumni.

We love each and every one of these brands + and seeing clarity they were able to uncover through our workshops.

Meet the alumni and what they have to say about Brandwell. Photos by Rubi Z Photo + Lex & Ev


Colleen • Colleen Marie Consulting

"Enjoyed all of it, learning about others business, the valuable feedback, I liked that we got out of our chairs you made us work and do things, I like that we all got to share, and the amount of prep work you all did was impressive, I felt like you really did your homework on each of us, you all really care, It was a very safe environment to share and get feedback. I liked getting up and doing things, I liked that we took things home with us, ideas and ways to change and improve!"


Amanda + Diana • House Of Flowers

"You guys ever have those moments when you tell yourselves over and over, 'I’m normal, just like everyone else, I’m normal, nothing new to see here?!' And then you go to a Brandwell Workshop with fellow biz owners, make a collage that represents your business, stick it up on the wall and realize, 'Holy shit, we’re all so different, and not only are we different, WE are really different.'"


Hanah • Iron & Oak Studios

"I really learned the importance of putting "me" into my company. Brandwell has given me a whole new list of things I can work on to make sure that Iron & Oak represents me and has a personality. It also helped me to narrow in on what was really important for me when running my business and gave me good boundaries to help me decide if something is on "brand" or not moving forward."⠀


Sandra • Lotus Lounge

"You are truly an amazing team of inspiration, support, encouragement and education in business. Your wealth of knowledge on branding your business has opened our minds, our vision and our hearts. We owe it all to you! Thank you Brandwell! You are truly a dream team!"


Jennifer • Reformed Metabolics

"I am so thankful for you all! I felt like I walked into another (amazing, inspiring) world when I entered Brandwell."


Robin + Wenndy • Rockin' Rose Ranch

"We had so much fun doing all the work, too. I'd been looking forward to it and it was just as much fun as I expected. We also made friends with the other businesses who participated. What could possibly be better than befriending other local businesses? We should all be supporting each other rather than competing so much, and that's what it was like going into this workshop. I've been working on putting a website together and feel like it has been a lot easier with some guidance from the ladies of Brandwell."


Anna • Sage Equities

"My biggest takeaway was that people crave stories and narratives and will connect with you as a person/business the more vulnerable and authentic you are. It was inspiring to spend a couple days out of the daily grind, surrounded by other local business owners, working earnestly to better ourselves and our brands."

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 3.01.13 PM.png

Victora • Pic.Tora


Suyen • Suyen Torres Photography

"Thank you guys for all of the guidance. It was what I was looking for."


Danielle • Loma Lane

"I played with the name Loma Lane for a long time, and I’m glad it ended up sticking. During my Brandwell Workshops work I mentioned wanting to change it and was happy that everyone responded with a resounding 'nooo!'"


Aileen • Zeal Pressed Juicery

"I rediscovered who I am at the core and why my business is so much a part of me at Brandwell."


Kate • Wellspring Church

Even churches need good branding. Brandwell helped streamline Wellspring's social media plan. We created a formula and schedule to take the stress out of posting daily.
Sometimes you don't have tangible products to share pictures of. We took a step back and looked at their imagery and logo and realized it didn't reflect the energy and life of this church. With a little tweaking, Wellspring's social media presence is starting to match the Sunday morning experience.


David + Ben • LaMarcha

"Two words: brand words. Once you understand that and how to use them you will not only will you minimize the stress when promoting or advertising your business on social media but it will also help maintain a common thread through your whole business look."

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