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Being a business owner is tough, and we've had our fair share of frustrations and confusion when it comes to items we're not knowledgeable about - numbers, legality things, permits, licensing... (anyone else feeling anxious?). What we found is that if you have experts to ask questions to, you feel better prepared and that you have a grasp on everything so you can get back to what you love doing - your work. 



Meet up with Doug Pierce of Pierce CPA Firm + Kristin Hagan of Brumfield & Hagan at our August 28th panel! We’ll cover what entrepreneurs need to know from the legal + accounting side of things and how these two specialties can work together to make your business run smoothly! Join us as they open dialogue + help us answer these questions:

  • When do you need a lawyer?

  • How can you set yourself up to be legally sound?

  • What’s the difference between sole proprietorship + an LLC? 

  • What is the right way to do accounting?

  • What if you don’t save your expenses receipts?

  • How do you get set up with an accounting system?

  • How do you read a P&L statement?

  • How can your lawyer + CPA work together for your business? Do they?

  • plus any questions you may have within these topics!

Join us to get your questions answered and leave with a clear understanding and a sense of calm.

Ticket includes access to the panel, handouts, snacks + drinks.