What does a Brandwell workshop entail? A LOT. But don't worry, we're here to guide you through. Day one we will start with strategy, style, and design so that on day two, we capture and plan your next few months so that you leave with a clear vision for how to share and grow your brand. 

Our workshop is geared towards the business owner who wants to focus on their brand for a solid two days. It's a time to do the work, be intentional, get hands on, and be open to learning a lot of new things. You'll gain long term camaraderie and insight as you complete this journey along with other business owners that continues long after the workshop ends.


day one


Develop and refine brand through brand words, focused messaging, point of view, and story

Mini mastermind

Stylewell, Part I

Capture your ideal aesthetic based on your brand strategy through mood-boarding and color.


Create or refine the first impression customers get of your business - your logo, your brand colors, and your visual point of view.

Stylewell, Part II

Work through a content and style shooting plan for Capturewell.


day two


Have a branded photoshoot to capture your newly refined brand through the use of expert stylists and photographers.

Learn how to take and edit stunning photos on your own, in a simple way for your busy life.


Develop and create a plan of action to implement and announce your brand on social media, your website, and through traditional personal marketing.